Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I would not survive a Zombie Apocolypse

I really should be resting. I haven't screamed, ran, hid and chased around a building like I did last night since I was a little kid at camp!

That's right, last night at Youth we played our second game of Zombie Apocolypse filled with nerf guns, lazers, darkness, obstacles, and of course Zombies (my teens can do the creepiest Zombie impressions, its terrifying).


It was such a great night - even though I honestly spent most of it clutching my gun to my chest pleading for the teens to not "eat me and turn me into a Zombie and respawn". Seriously. If the world ever came to an end via Zombie Apocolypse I would be done for! I would not be a survivor, unless if I stuck with my husband who has mad surviving skills and lots of guns (Thank you Lord for my prepared hubby!). 

I'm also very excited for Saturday evening because we will be getting together once again  to collect blankets/sheet/pillowcases etc.  to donate to the Salvation Army's "Inn From The Cold" program that provides a warm and safe shelter for the homeless people of Salmon Arm to sleep during the coldest months of the winter (Nov - Feb.). We feel very blessed to be able to help this organization and serve them and their needs! So it's going to be a busy weekend, as right after we go looking for donations, we'll be having a sleep over (which really means Pulling An All Nighter - oh joy!).


  1. This is an entertaining post and a description of a worthy endeavour.

  2. So glad you have this blog...you do all these awesome things I never knew about...!