Sunday, November 7, 2010

Service "Over" Event

To some, it was Service "Sleep" Over Event...To me, it was just an "over" because I did not get a wink of sleep last night at the Youth's event. Sam was really good for the sleepover, it's just I couldn't fall asleep, it was so frustrating! And at 3 in the morning, Sam woke up and couldn't fall back asleep for the life of him because of all the teens running around the church screaming, popping balloons and just being crazy (which is totally fine and expected! It's just not so good for tired babies...). So I whipped out my cell and called Craig, and this is how are conversation went.

Craig: Huh-huh-hell-hello? (remember, 3 am.)
Me: Heeeeeey baby...
Craig: No. No. No. No. No. No.
Me: But honey, the baby can't sleep! We need to come home for a couple of hours! Please come get us!
Craig: (after a long, menacing pause) I'll be there in 5 minutes.

He really does love me, I must never forget that.

So Craig came and got us and I was at home from 3 am - 6 am. Then I was back at the church to make breakfast for everyone. No one even noticed we left, because at 3 is when everyone more or less crashed.

The "Service" part of the night went really well! I was so nervous that we wouldn't get many donations but we came back with so much stuff from people in the neighbourhoods around our church. Some people just turned us away, but others practically gave us their whole linen closet! It was so encouraging to see that the majority of houses we went to had people who were more than willing to help out the Salvation Army's Inn From The Cold.

That being said, here are the pictures that I promised! Enjoy!

This is a shot of the huge pile of blankets/sheets/pillow cases/etc. that we collected!

Dinner consisted of Pizza, Chips, Pop, Slurpies, Popcorn and know, your basic food groups...10 large pizza's disappeared in about 5 minutes. It was scary.

 Snuggling up in our jammies to watch our Midnight Movie - the classic Princess Bride.

 Playing "Mafia" at 1:30 am. Everyone was so overtired that it was such a gong show!

 The "Man Sanctuary" that some of the guys built and slept in. So good.

 7 am the next morning...The ones who survived, don't they all look lovely.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes, sausages, and Tim Horton's muffins & donuts! So much eating, so little time!

 Two of my fantastic girls, Erin & Jenn

It was such a fun time and I'm still so thrilled at how many donations we collected! Now I'm going to grab yet another nap to catch up on last night! Have a wonderful day!

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