Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick Or Really Cute Baby

We just got back from the downtown's Halloween Trick Or Treat Trail and Sam is so tired I put him in his crib, eyes wide open, and as soon as I walked away he was out. An afternoon out in the fresh air really does him in! We had a great time walking around, seeing friends and their littles ones all dressed up, and getting lots of candy. I feel gross right now...But totally worth it. Here are some picture from our afternoon...

Sam and I getting ready to walk downtown. I didn't dress up, I just put a spider-web temporary tattoo on my face. I'm so festive, I know.

 The tunnel of terror was hilariously lame, but I'm sure next year when Sam can actually walk through it he'll enjoy it.

 Getting Candy!!

The store clerks & owners really get into it...

We had such a good afternoon and Sam never once made a peep of frustration or unhappiness. He loved how all the store clerks thought he was the cutest little bear and he gave everyone big smiles. 

And now, I have to go and find a real Halloween costume. I always assume I'm never going to do anything for Halloween - and EVERY year, I get invited to some kind of party or get together that demands a costume...what the heck! So hopefully this evening I'll find something, or tomorrow morning. I'm clearly a last minute kind of girl.

Craig, Sam and I wish you a Happy Halloween!

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