Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Date and a Bath

Yesterday a good friend of mine from high school came over with her little baby girl, Olivia, who is one month younger than Sam. Obviously we have destined them to be wed one day, and they will give us beautiful grandchildren and Olivia will become a part of Team Bolen (she'll have to get it tattooed if she really wants to be apart of this family. As for those of you who don't know...Craig and I have matching "Team Bolen" tattoo's).

Olivia is such a sweet little girl who is stereotypically gentle, soft, pretty and kind...Unlike her future husband who is rambunctious, unexpected, demanding and loud.

These are some pictures of their first date; Of which will be featured at their wedding, naturally.

You can practically smell the romance...

Olivia can't quite hold herself up like Sam yet, but she's getting there!

Matching soothers!

I know that a bunch of friends and family tune into my blog to get updates on our busy lives here at the Bolen residence (Hey all!) and to watch Sam grow, so here's a little taste of our evening routine which includes bath time! 

Sam absolutely loves his bath. He amuses himself with his toys, wash cloths, and bubbles for over half an hour. Which is a long time for any baby to sit and do the same thing repititiously (is that even a word?)! 

  Such a little ham.

 I'm not quite sure which one he really loves more - the bath, or the 10 minutes after the bath where all he wants to do is roll around in his towel in his crib. He loves the feel of the towel on his little naked bum I guess.

Next he gets into his jammies and burns off the rest of his energy in his ExerSaucer. Here Sam is talking to his all time favorite toy, Charlie the Horse. He gabs his day's frustrations to Charlie.

Then he  gets bundled up all snug and tight, and lulled off to sleep. This is the last look he gave the camera before he fell asleep. I think he's pretty content! 

So now that I have literally prepped you and used pictures to show you my son's evening routine, I should be getting phone calls upon phone calls from all you readers volunteering to babysit so Craig and I can go on a date! My cell is in my pocket...I'll be waiting...

Good night everyone!  

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  1. HE IS SO CUTE!! the first picture of him in the bath is amazing. His eyes are so blue!

    Also- I knew that you would be planning a wedding already despite having a boy...haha

    and finally- the word you are looking for is repetitively ;)