Friday, November 5, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I enjoy having lots of things, dates, plans, etc, on the go - but maybe that is something I just tell myself to sound cool-headed and mature; and when it really happens I become this stress ridden beast of a person!

 Not that I'm complaing - God has been so good to us in the last forever it seems (we're bracing ourselves for a trial to come). I'm currently working on a fundraising project for Rapha House. Last year I saw a video promo for Rapha House and my heart was both broken and uplifted at the same time. Here is a link to watch the promo so I don't have to explain all that they do, plus it's more powerful to watch: Rapha House Trailer

The fundraiser event will be for women only and will be a black tie affair. So fancy shmancy. I haven't set the date yet because I am between choosing locations, both of which are perfect and beautiful! My head is swimming with ideas - this is why I don't sleep at night. I try to blame it on the baby, but it's my own fault! Anyways, it's a toss up between January and February, both of which seem just around the corner.

The Youth Sleepover is also tomorow! I was at the church last night dropping off bags upon bags of food, games, props, you name it. I'm hoping we have a big turn out, the teens all seemed really excited for the Event so I'm hoping they meant what they said and come with a serving heart and attitude! I'm also praying for the people of Salmon Arm to be open and willing to donate extra and old blankets! I don't want the teens to feel discouraged after all of their efforts.

And lastly, if life, family, and fun wasn't enough...We might be moving!

To Africa!

Totally just kidding. Maybe one day, if that's where we're meant to be, but no...Not Africa.
A little house down the road is for rent, and Craig knows the owner & renters quite well. He went to look at the place last night and came home beaming about how perfect it would be for our little family and how it's affordable - only problem is, we're second in line to get it!

Oh the agony of not knowing the future!

The gentleman who is renting the house out say's he wants to do a little maitenance and fixing up before he rents it out again, so the place wouldn't be available for another month or so - so I am hoping that the guy who wants the house doesn't want to wait that long and will move on to another prospect, leaving us with first dibs on the house!

I felt the urge to make a quick blog about what is going on in my life...So there you have it. It's cluttered, it's stressful, it's full of decision making and craziness - but like I said before, we feel so blessed. The fact that we even have these opprotunites is mind blowing. My husband and I are only 20 and 21 and we might have a little house soon! Just to say that outloud is beyond me. We couldn't do anything without Christ. Nothing. Nothing would matter and nothing would make sense, or fall into place.

I'm off to talk with Ms. Courtney White who is an intern with Rapha House who is setting me up with free promotional material and a bunch of other stuff.

Busy Busy Busy!

Oh, and did I mention I'm trying to throw a Murder Mystery Dinner party in the next couple of weeks?? You all will love the pictures from that! 

Stay tuned to see and hear about the Youth's Sleepover & Service event coming up tomorrow!

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  1. You just freaked me out with the whole "We're moving to Africa!!" thing. Gosh. I hope everything works out for your house!!! I want you to have that event in January so I can come! Also...what was I going to say...oh I put a DVD of yours in your box at Church from Rachel.
    Ok that's all for nowwww...hope you're sleeping!