Friday, November 26, 2010

I Heart Victoria's Secret

This makes me happy, and causes me to dance around my bedroom while folding my mass amounts of laundry.


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a lover of Victoria's Secret products - especially clothes. They have great value and quality and every year I save up my money to get a couple of sweaters or whatever else suits my fancy. Next time I'm going to get jeans, because they make jeans especially for girls with long legs! Yes! No more flood pants! 

This time around, I got my winter coat from VS. Here is the coat featured on the site:
It's great little double breasted wool peacoat. Comfy cozy and a great price (the best part)! And here's me in my little number that I got a couple of weeks ago. I try to find excuses to go outside so I can wear it.

Me and my little pink camera. I can be such a girl sometimes. The jacket doesn't have dirty specks on it...That is my bathroom mirror...Which I didn't know was that dirty until the picture was taken. Guess who's cleaning the bathroom while the baby sleeps! 

So I'm still loving the coat and I suggest that you go and check out Victoria's Secret over the next little while and buy something for a friend or a sweetie for Christmas! Great deals going on right now! (I should be a VS spokesperson, no?)


  1. you're so cute haha. and you got me hooked on the VS website. such nice clothes!! you should totally work for them ;)