Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Super Hero's Assemble!"

I've been losing it lately! I swear, this whole parenting thing makes you so scatter brained it's crazy. I know it's no excuse - but I'm blaming not making a blog for a while on the craziness. 

On Saturday the 20th I hosted a Superhero theme Murder Mystery Dinner party at our apartment. 8 of our great friends came over, decked out in spectacular costumes and ready to figure out whodunit. It worked out perfectly, because the 20th was also the birthday of one of our friends, so the dessert was a birthday cake in his honour. 

The whole evening I was so busy narrating, preparing food, setting up stuff and trying to solve a murder that I didn't take that many pictures of my amazing decorations or all of the food that we ate...I'm sorry! I can't even explain it all because it's not as cool as seeing it in real life. So, I apologize, you'll live :) Next murder mystery you'll get a more 360 view of everything.

But the pictures I do have are still fantastic and hilarious, to say the least. 
My character was Electra, so I sported some very cool & borrowed
super hero gloves from a friend and had a red lightning bolt on both my 
cape and shirt. Standing with me is my bff, Blair a.k.a. Shiver (who in 
the game was my was hard to act bitchy to her all evening!)
Eric (in red) as The Red Wonder, a Rap Artist by day and a Super Rap Artist
By Night! With him, the man in black, the birthday boy himself, Dustin a.k.a
Mr. Fabulous. With a chiseled jaw line and strong chest like that how couldn't
he play Mr. Fabulous? Haha! 
Eric, Craig as The Jester & Crispin as Nerdon (who was the murder victim in the end!)
Halfway through the night Craig thought it would be funny to give himself a mustache
with my mascara? 

 MJ as Blue Blaze - a sexy lawyer by day and Superhero by night.
We all bugged her for not having a cape, which she retaliated by saying
"Justice is my cape." 
Jesse as Gonch, and his fiancee Erica as Ginch. Everyone wanted
Erica's gold spandex...So good.

 Mr. Fabulous figuring out the crime (the murderer was Blue Blaze!)
And winning the grand prize - a huge chocolate assortment. He was pretty happy.
That's a good birthday if I've ever seen one...

 And here we are! The most epic Superhero picture ever.
It reminds me of another Superhero group picture I've seen....
This one perhaps? Just count the similarties!

It was such a good evening and it went so smoothly. The whole game (3 rounds + plus mini games + eating) took just over 3 hours! I was so nervous it was going to be like, half an hour, and then really lame and awkward...But everyone gave great reviews and now Blair can't wait to throw one when her and Michael move into their house in Salmon Arm in only a few short months! So exciting!

Get ready for more busy-ness in the next couple of weeks - especially with Christmas nearing! One more month exactly!

I promise I'll behave myself and be better at posting blogs :) Until then, God Bless!

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