Sunday, January 2, 2011

If I Could Turn Back Time

Besides Christmas & New Years, I was very priviledged to celebrate my 2nd year Wedding Anniversary as well! Craig and I were married on December 20th, 2008. I was head over heels in love with my high school sweetheart and at the age of 18 I officially made him mine - I didn't want anyone else to have him! Lucky for me, after 5 years of dating and 2 years of marriage, he still wants to keep me his as well. 

Now, I'm not saying that my Winter Wedding wasn't gorgeous, but on the 20th of December the weather had broken it's record and was -35 degrees Celsius! It was so, so, so cold. Notice that I am wearing my winter jacket over my wedding dress in that picture - and in every picture of Craig, he looks beyond cold and miserable.

I love imagining, creating, scheming and planning weddings. So obviously I have spent quite a fair amount of time planning my "could've been" wedding. The one that I had planned and worked on since a young age. A Garden Wedding, a warm and romantic garden wedding. 

My "dream" wedding is completely opposite to the wedding that I had. I don't know what happened along the way that made everything go opposite from past dreams, but it happened. I'm not hating on my real wedding, but showing off my dream wedding. Maybe you'll get ideas? These are pictures that I have stored away since I was 13 years old. 

If I could turn back time, this is what the Bolen Wedding would have been.

Garden Setting. It would've been an early June wedding. No more than 150 guests. 

My father has instilled a love for anything water in me. The wedding would've had to take place near a pond, small lake, etc. He would've loved having the water present (and not frozen over!)

I guess my 13 year old mind found this scene mind blowing - I still find it extrodinary today.

The theme of the garden wedding would've been Love Birds. One of my secrets is that I love song birds, and when I'm having a bad day I'll open my windows in hopes to hear the birds sing and make me happy again. I would've had bird cages, laced with pink & yellow flowers stratigically placed around the ceremony and reception site.

The reception would've been help immediately after the late morning ceremony. It would be a luncheon style with finger sandwiches, soups, buns, easy desserts, fruity drinks, etc. 

On each table there would be this cool goldish tree with song birds in it, displaying the table number for the guests.

The favours would've been these little bird cages that have a tea light candle inside. On the front would be a little personalized thank you note from the bride & groom.

A perfect example of a garden wedding cake!

Here are some links to the pictures above. If anything caught your eye, then you might be able to search a little further with some help!

And now for the best part of any wedding, the dress. It makes fathers cry, mother's sigh, fiancee's drool and all hearts flutter. The dress that I ended up wearing was a strapless, flowy gown with beading under the bust, like so :

I think that this dress is lovely and feminine, but why I fell in love with it, I'll never know! It was nothing like the dream dress that I had always envisioned for myself. 

I had always wanted on Off-The-Shoulder style dress. This particular cut of dress eccentuates the ladies bust and shoulders (obviously...). The reason this appealed to me was because I have one shoulder that has a bunch of freckles on it, and the other is clean! In high school, Craig would tease me about my freckle shoulder and called it "his shoulder" because he liked to tease me about it. So I thought that having that style of dress would also be a little something for Craig, as well as me. 

He still thought I looked hot in my strapless gown, but these two pictures are of gowns that I drooled over for years. I still love them. They are so girlie, fun and timeless. I would probably get my mom to take off some of the frilly's, but still!

This one isn't Off-The-Shoulder, but I liked the one strap idea too.


And there you have it. A little piece of my secret desires for a wedding that I've dreamed about for years.  Now to work on Craig and see if he'll get married all over again and have a second full out wedding! That wouldn't be weird, right?

Have a spectacular beginning to your New Year! I'll be scribbling more soon!