Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Like I said in the last post, I was trying to find a Halloween outfit for Sam last minute, and I've had a success!

There is a family in my church who has a bunch of children, and so Mrs. Roodzant has kept a whole bunch of Halloween costumes throughout the years to keep in the "Tickle Trunk" for further dress-up times. I gave her a call, and she said she had just the thing for Sam!

It fits pretty well, a little too long in the arms, but that's ok because then we won't have to worry about him wearing mittens to keep his hands warm. I'm not planning on dressing up, I'll just wear a black shirt and maybe one of those temporary tattoo's that I got in my prize bag the other day. Craig will just go in his camo pants and pretend he's a hunter so that he can go with the theme of Sam's costume.

On Friday, downtown Slammin' Arm hosts a Halloween Treat Trail throughout all the business'. It's always been a popular hit with all the little kids and their parents, and now finally I get to do it and not look like a huge creeper - because I have a kid of my own! Oh sweet Sam, thank you for being here before Halloween so I can dress you up and then eat all of your candy because you don't have teeth yet. Thank you, thank you!

Here's a little sneak peak, of our Sam, our "Little Bear"

He's so stinkin' cute!

There he is! What a little charmer. I'm going to enjoy holding him all afternoon because the costume is so fuzzy and snuggly - as you can see, it is a little too big...But we'll work with what we've got. 

I've never been big on Halloween, but ever since last week, with it nearing, I've been really looking forward to being silly and then eating a disgusting amount of candy and chocolate. I'll most definately post a blog and pictures of the "Treat Trail" on Friday, but until then, good luck working on all of your costumes and bulk up on candy now before it's too late! Let's be honest, you always end up eating half the candy you bought for Trick-Or-Treater's and have to run back to the store to buy more. Be prepared. Just offering helping advice.

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