Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Your "Girls"

October is officially the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, and I think that it's appropriate to talk about boobies at such a time. I only know 2 women in my life who have been affected by breast cancer (2 to many!). One, is a good friend of mine, who lost her mom to breast cancer when she was a young teen. The other, a lady from my church who has been battling breast cancer over the past year - she's almost beaten it though! She lost one breast to surgery, but she is remaining strong and faithful in the Lord and His will!

I have really been thinking about my own two "girls" lately. They've been through a lot over the past year! In fact, if I think about it, they've been through a lot my whole life. They've always come through for me when I needed them...for example:

1.) When I hit puberty they helped me transform from a grubby, dirt loving tomboy into a pretty young lady.
2.) They brought me my husband. Because, let's face it, he was first and foremost attracted to them. If they hadn't been so nice and perky, he wouldn't have taken the time to get to know my awesome personality and then decide to marry me one day.
3.) When I got pregnant, these girls blew up like balloons and were the jealous rage among all my non-pregnant friends and that made me feel special, and forget that every other part of my body looked gross.
4.) They have kept and sustained my baby healthy and happy. I'm so thankful that breastfeeding has worked out and that I haven't had to spend money on formula and bottles and all that other unnatural junk.

I suggest you take a look at your own boob-history and give them a little thank you, and then buy them a present from Victoria's Secret, or any lingerie store near you.

Here are some links to some Cosmo websites that are dedicated to the lovely twins:

March 2011 cannot come fast enough, because it'll be my birthday month and by then I will officially be done breastfeeding...and that means I can stop wearing these disgusting nursing bras that look like torture chambers full of trap doors and secret latches. Not sexy at all. The bra that I have my sights set on to bring back some sunshine to my chest is the Victoria's Secret BioFit Push-up Bra (robots have never sounded so delicious).

Don't they look super comfy and super gorgeous??

Don't forget about this month being dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness - never stop praying for your loved ones who have been effected or affected by cancer! And remember that your body is beautiful no matter what shape or size you may be. I quite enjoy this quote from Sophia Loren:

  I think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you or it isn't and it really doesn't have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips.  

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