Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Hands Stink Of Pumpkin

So today was my first time going to one of those "baby & mom" groups, and I absolutely loved it! I always assumed they would be really weird, with a bunch of women sitting in a circle sharing their birth stories...And I was never up for that, so I avoided going to one, or finding one to attend for that matter.

But my friend, Charity, and her two littles one brought me out to the Family Resource Center and I had one of the best mornings in the longest time.

Seeing as Halloween is just around the corner we spent the morning visiting and carving pumpkins. Then for lunch we had chili with garlic buns. I also won the door prize of the morning! And since I love winning I think I'll go back (just kidding, I'd go back even if I didn't win!).

I was in such a rush out the door that I forgot to take my camera to take pictures, but here are some pictures of this morning that I was able to get for you!

While I was showering and getting ready he was hanging out in Super Saucer having the best time with Winnie The Pooh.

This is the door prize that I won! It was a Halloween bag a set of Halloween tea-towels, some temporary tattoos and a flashlight that shines different Halloween stencils on the wall (Craig is going to go bonkers for the flashlight).

And this is my lovely pumpkin that says Welcome on it. I want to add some spider webs around it, but I'll try and tackle that when Sam goes down for a nap.

So all in all it was a great morning and I didn't feel like a weirdo...yay! Now I am off to find a Halloween costume for Sam, I know, a little last minuite, so we'll see what I come up with.

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