Friday, October 22, 2010

Lanterns & Sunflowers

In a few short days, a very good friend of mine, Blair, and I are going to a Bridal Show/Fair here in Salmon Arm at the Salmon Arm Golf Course. She will be gettin' hitched in February 2011, and so we thought it would be fun to spend the afternoon checking out what vendors our town has to offer.

Anticipating the fair is making me think all about weddings. Another good friend of mine, Kyla, asked me the other to start brainstorming ideas for her dream wedding which is hopefully coming up in the next year as well! (Hint hint to Marcus - we need the ring, pronto!). Kyla is currently in Calgary, AB finishing up her last year at University to become an Event Planner (my dream job too!). She's an amazingly skilled planner, but still wants my expertise in the wedding department. So here are some ideas that I've pitched in.

Welcome to the Wedding! 
We already know that the wedding will be taking place outside, at the grooms' parents farm. A perfect little country wedding that will start in the early evening so we can have a gorgeous sunset as the backdrop.

The theme that I came up with for Kyla was "Lanterns & Sunflowers". 
I couldn't for the life of me find a picture to describe what the ceremony will look like, but this one helps a little:
Lining the aisle will be tiny white lanterns, such as these, and also there will be over 100 of  the same lanterns hung in the tree tops, hovering silently and beautifully over the ceremony. With the sun setting, these little babies will sparkle and shimmer and give off a romantic light. 

The bouquets for the Bridesmaids will consist of both daisies and sunflowers. The Bride's will solely be the sunflowers.

The reception will take place right after the ceremony, with an outdoor BBQ dnner of steak and salmon buffet. We'll also move most of the lanters from the trees over the ceremony to over the serving tables, an example shown in the picture above.

Haybale seating is a definate must for this country wedding! The centerpieces will be simple sunflower arrangements, with candles encircling.

 Kyla and I both agreed it would be a cool idea to take an old, rustic wagon and make it the bar area.
We would decorate it with sunflowers and lanterns, of course.

I thought a very neat idea would be stringing together pictures, like the example above, between two full trees (that guessed it, filled with lanters) and have the guest book signing table underneath.

 How else to end your perfect day than to be whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage? I thought so.
Can't wait for the wedding to unfold, Kyla!


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