Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here We Go...

I used to write all the time.

   Whether it was journaling, research essay's for fun, novels, nouvellas, poetry, or just scribbling down throughts and ideas, it was a hobby that kept me at peace with the world and with myself.
    But as we've all experienced: life, work, marriage and babies can strip you of your hobbies and leave you feeling like you don't deserve to have anything for yourself. I know selfishness is not the most attractive trait, but I'd like to think that starting up a blog where I can jot down my most random and personal scribbles isn't selfish. It's theraputic!
    This blog will never become crazy successful on the Internet. It will never be featured by other blogs. It might not even be read by more than 2 people. That's perfectly fine, because to some people, reading someone's scribbles is just about as boring as watching rain slide down their windows. But to me, scribbles are a thing of beauty. A window to a person's inner thoughts and dreams - and I find that spectacular!

So if you stick around you will see, feel and read my thoughts, my dreams, my accomplishments, my failures, my adventures, my ideas, and most of all you'll just see a whole bunch of scribbles.

1 comment:

  1. Riley, it looks great! You definitely know more about web design than you give yourself credit for :)
    Looking forward to reading all your scribbles. It's one of my favourite pastimes too.