Friday, December 3, 2010

One of those days...

Ha! So I just did that thing where I write out a huge blog post, am pleased with it, editing it, and then accidentally close the browser and lose everything. 

But I can't even be upset - because of how my past couple of days have been, it only makes sense that that would happen to add to the mix of chaos. 

This is me:

Let me take you on detailed adventure of my life in the last 36 hours...

1.) Craig's work Christmas Staff Party is tomorrow night, and being extremely excited to go I had a very pretty outfit all picked out and ready to be shown off tomorrow. Until I made the careless mistake of washing my top with a pair of jeans that still had my chapstick in the pocket. Thus leaving spotted stains all over the top, rendering it useless. It's not that bad, but noticeable. So now I'm back to the drawing board (a.k.a my closet) to figure out what to wear...Which is a big thing for me that takes lots of time and patience (of which I do not have right now).

2.) Sam gave me yet another bad sleep last night. Up every half hour because of gas, or boredom, or whatever...But when I try to nap when he naps during the day I end up feeling sick and more tired than if I just stay awake. Ugh! Never having anymore children. Never!

3.) I've been fighting with the people at the Post Office for a week now, arguing with them about packages that I should've recieved ages ago but never did. They kept assuring me that my packages weren't lost and I just had to keep waiting. I was terribly rude to many of the people trying to help me...And alas, yesterday the courier came by with several packages for me and a great big grin on her face and I felt so awful for how I had acted to her co-workers. I hate being proved wrong so much. So, so much.

4.)  This season of The Apprentice is almost over, and they decided to split the huge climax episode into 2 parts. So I watched the first part today and am so bitter that I have to wait another week to see who wins the task. I'm gunning for Clint, because he's smart, creative and a gentleman all around - plus he's a Christian, so I'm a little biased on that...But whatever.


I am most definately dreaming of a Pink Christmas this year. I don't know why, but at the current moment I am wishing I was a bachelorette who could decorate her little apartment in pink and white for the holidays. Craig would kill me. He thinks we shouldn't even have a Christmas tree! He most likely just wants a shrine of guns, antlers and steaks in the corner where the tree would go. Boys!

Oh, I almost forgot! I'd like to also use this post to showcase my fabulous cousin's blog over at Beautiful Inspirations She is currently putting up recipes for Christmas treats and they all look delicious! It's perfect timing because I'm putting together little sweet-treat baskets for my friends for gifts this Christmas, so I can't wait to try out all of the ideas she's sharing with the blog world. So go and check out her blog, again the link is: Beautiful Inspirations

Well, I must go and try to put together that outfit for tomorrow. Wish me luck! I hope that you are having a better week than I am! TGIF,  right? Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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