Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Goodies

I keep doing all of these cool things with my family and friends this Christmas season (Christmas Train, Christmas get togethers, etc.) and I always have the camera with me, but I always end up leaving it in my purse and enjoying my time and totally forgetting about capturing the memories! Ahh! I clearly am not a great blogger - those people are always on the ball!

But besides that stuff, I did do a bunch of Christmas baking for my good friends and put them in really cool old-fashioned tins that I found at the Thrift Store (yes, I washed them first. Well, not Dustin's tin. He can eat dust...Just Kidding...I don't know where that came from...). 

So here are some pictures of my finished creations, and the recipes of the 3 assorted goodies inside each tin.

The design on the tins is a picture of old school toys (nutcrackers, rocking horses,
teddy bears, toy soldiers).
I thought I could make them pretty with red ribbon...I'm comparable
to a Kindergartener when it comes to crafts...

And to give you someting to "aww" over, here are some pictures of my Sam hanging out under the Christmas tree, learning the art of "Present Shaking" from his smart mama. 

I know the Season is going to get crazy, so from my little man, and myself, we wish you a stress-free Holidays! I'll post again after Christmas! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Jesus Christ our Lord came over 2000 years ago to show His love, give Himself for us at the cross, raise from the dead to deliver us from sin and is waiting for us in our Heavenly home! How exciting!! 

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